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Wally Schnalle drummer, composer, writer / editor for Drum Magazine and Teacher.

  • Wally Schnalle has been pursuing a career playing drums since 1984. . . headlining shows across California as well as landing on the bill for several festivals, including the big one in Monterey. . .Wally released Physics & Magic, a powerful display of modern jazz fusion interspersed with the kind of classic nuances that merit timeless appreciation.  Garrett Wheeler, Metro Silicon Valley
  • Drummer/composer Schnalle's CD is heavy on the electric Rock sound with excellent Jazz and Jazz-Rock improvisations, including those by the fiery Brecker-influenced tenorist Zinn. Schnalle's compositions involve a combination of various meters, making for interesting rhythmic settings. The composer's drums are always out front, creating an electrifying context . . . . Schnalle's music is consistently fresh, interesting, and sustaining. Cadence by David Franklin
  • Wally Schnalle has not been easy to pigeonhole. . . he has an electric side as well -- and that electric side yields exciting, memorable results on Louder Than Your TV. This release finds Schnalle leading an electric quintet with a strong groove factor that -- for all its funk, soul, and rock appeal -- never lacks a jazz mentality and isn't without intellect.  Louder Than Your TV is a fine demonstration of Schnalle's talents as a drummer, composer, arranger, and group leader. Review by Alex Henderson
  • Drummer Wally Schnalle applies his facile jazz-rock chops to slamming funk-fusion fare simultaneously showcasing Schnalle’s second-line groove and his swing factor. Fans of Mike Clark and Dave Weckl will dig this. JAZZTIMES  By Bill Milkowski